Searching for when to hire your first HR officer? You're likely too late

Teams rarely have that magical cohesion that feels self-run that leadership hopes for. A tight, small group of employees that work as close friends eventually scale and the team dynamics are at risk to change drastically, sometimes for the bad. If you have distributed or remote talent, the lack of face-to-face experience can accelerate the problem as well without replacements by rapid informal communications. When asking your company “why” you’re searching for an HR lead, it can illuminate if you’re being proactive or reactive. … »

Toxic startup cultures and the aversion to people operations

It’s not just a job, it’s also a fun hang with inspiring people. Candidates seeking startups instantly find an undifferentiated sea of group photos of smiling teams in logo tees with their cute office dogs united in mission and happiness. What used to appear cultish is the norm and it’s a necessary dream to sell in the ruthless competition to market employee experience and attract top talent. Reality offers no shortage of employee tales on how sometimes, their fun “work-hang” turned out to be a mismanaged daily grind. … »